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is anybody out there?

(feels like im talking to myself)

I am a female human being. Also, I like a lot of things. And I spend ages being creative *cough*lazy*cough*. Awesome books are awesome. Awesome bands are awesome. Remember how Im a human being? I take that back. Im a scattered collection of muses and contract paralyzing cases of writer's block sporadically. DEADLINES ARE A MUSE-KILLER, PEOPLE! Music is a remedy. Im a teenager but Im old for my age, or something. I think Im in love with you, but Im afraid to tell you. Yes, you. Any further questions? Awesome. My autograph? Sorry guys, Ive gotta go. Maybe next time. Oh, by the way, Im random and naturally high. See you around! :)

Dear Edward: Please stop watching me while I sleep. It's creepy.